a trillion color circles for KRO-NCRV

KRO-NCRV launched it’s new identity developed by Dutch design studio Thonik. A bold typography and a multi-color circle are at the center of the identity. The 270 individual programs that KRO-NCRV airs via TV and radio are all visually connected by the same typography and variations on the color circle. Each program has its own circle and color combination.



The corporate color circle has a magenta center, encircled by green and cyan. The green and cyan are lightly blended, giving an atmospheric effect. The colors (magenta, green and cyan) are a shift from RGB (red-green-blue), the colorsystem that produces over 14 million colors on modern screens. Since the programs – for their own identity – can change all three colors freely there is an abundance of 14 million to the power of three possible color circles. A special online tool generates a new color combination with every click, making it easy to produce new identities within the system.



KRO-NCRV is one of 5 main broadcasters that air on the Dutch national TV and radio. It is a socially oriented media organization. It gives a voice to a broad group in society that seeks for alternatives to counter the great crises of our times. KRO-NCRV opts for optimism and change. The new identity reflects this stance by a strong typography and a bonding circle. It is unique in the Dutch media landscape that all programs of one broadcaster are united in one visual identity.


The identity project was lead by Suzan Bloemscheer (Head of communication and brand KRO-NCRV), Roel Stavorinus (brand and design strategist for KRO-NCRV) and Jelleke Raats (project manager KRO-NCRV). 

The project involved many people at KRO-NCRV. Collaborations were set up with De Positioneerders (positioning), Holland Centraal (design production), Big Orange (soundlogo), Verve (website), Synetic (website), Roorda (campaign) and many studios and designers working for programs of KRO-NCRV.


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