Adventurous Navigation

3 websites designed and developed @thonik

Museum Arnhem

For Museum Arnhem thonik developed a narrative of multiple perspectives in a new online and offline identity. The dynamic logo is designed for the web. On the homepage the graphic identity interacts with the visuals. When you scroll the logo becomes modest, simple and well balanced to give space to the programme.


Lemming Film

A new visual identity for Lemming film, one of Hollands best film production companies. The website has a smooth scrolling interaction that reflects the time-based movement of film. The high quality productions that Lemming Film is famous for are displayed with grandeur.


Power Station of Art

The Power Station of Art in Shanghai is China’s leading museum on contemporary art. The navigation of the website is quite experimental: starting from the logo a grid of lines forms and re-forms the space for information. Buttons, some vertical, change smoothly into new zones for content. What seems like a playful labyrinth of lines is actually a very organised space for clear communication. The website is designed with mobile use in mind, but of course it adapts to all sizes.