Dyme: complex made simple

More often than not, we find our clients struggling with the question of how to best explain their organisation, product or service in a simple way. This certainly applies to tech industry, where companies provide novel solutions based on complex technologies.

An example of this, is a project we did for our friends at Dyme. After redesigning their logo and rethinking their brand strategy (together with KesselsKramer) we were asked to capture their customer offering in a playful and easy-to-understand format.


Dyme helps people get a handle on their spending and become financially resilient.

The why? Well, because it’s not easy to stay on top of all those transactions and most people don’t like to spend their limited time doing admin. So Dyme creates smart technology that makes the complex ‘child’s play’ and the tedious thrilling.

That’s the overarching idea. However, within this framework, Dyme facilitates different target groups in multiple markets with a wide variety of products and services. That’s where things got messy. We were faced with the challenge to bring everything back to a handful of key offerings and find a simple way to communicate them.

We found the answer in illustrations. After capturing the essence of Dyme in some straightforward propositions, we reached out to the great Rob and Robin and let them work their magic. The result: clear and clever animated illustrations for Dyme to use on all of their platforms and channels (app, website, socials, etc.).