good design is Lekker.


Good design is good business was the 1973 motto for IBM’s design strategy*. And this still holds true. With good design the brand is expressed in every detail, on every platform, in every story. Good design is ‘Lekker’ design. Lekker is dutch for pleasant yummy feelgood luscious super smooth great cool appealing nice. When something feels really good the Dutch say: lekker. That is the essence of the new Lekker brand for natural deodorant. With the name comes the story about ‘lekker’. And the packaging is so ‘lekker’ that more and more shops want to sell it. In more and more countries. And the story is so compelling that more and more people find it really ‘lekker’. Lekker online, Lekker in the shop, Lekker under your armpit.


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