strategy, design, impact



At thonik, we prefer to avoid unnecessary complexity. Our work method can be summed up in three words: strategy, design, and impact. Strategy represents the concept and reasoning behind everything we do, while design refers to the visual output.

Impact, the third element, represents the real-world consequences of our work. Out of the three, impact requires the most explanation. It can take many forms, depending on the client’s goals, what is measured, and other factors. An example of what impact may look like, let’s examine some of the results of a recent rebranding project we carried out for KRO-NCRV, a Dutch broadcaster (launched August 2022).



The purpose of this rebranding was to reflect the company’s realigned mission and ambition and to bring all 270 programs under a single brand while still reflecting their individual identities. To recap this unique project, we developed an extensive visual identity around a colored circle concept that allowed program makers to create their own one-of-a-kind color circle using a dedicated online tool.




While we were confident in this approach, we could not predict how it would perform in practice. Would the new visual system work for all 270 widely varying programs? Would the end result strike the right balance between cohesion and individuality? What would be the initial response from the various viewer groups?

After two months, we conducted our first measurement and found some very positive developments that aligned with KRO-NCRV’s main goals:

  • The brand appeal grew by more than 20%.
  • The desired target group (under 35 year olds) showed a significant growth in interest.
  • More people recognised the brand promise and deemed it relevant, with some viewer groups experiencing a 30% increase.
  • The connection of programs with the mother brand rose quickly, with some programs seeing a 40% growth.

    Great first results. But of course, not every single person was delighted by the new identity…