Power Station of Art 10th Anniversary


In just ten years, Power Station of Art (PSA) has become one of the most celebrated contemporary art institutions in Asia. Thonik developed the visual identity for this museum, located in a former electricity plant in Shanghai. We took the logo with the power station and the iconic chimney created by the Chinese designer Shen Haopeng (Hope Sun) as a starting point. The Chinese character for ‘contemporary’ can be recognized in this. From this we have derived five ‘contemporarily’ designed bars that form our tools in an inexhaustible toolbox; with this playful concept we have proven that we can design and animate various exhibitions and programs for PSA for the past ten years.

For the anniversary of the museum, we used the five bars again, this time to write a glorious ’10’ in a radiant atmosphere. The chosen colors work in RGB (the colors of screens) and CMYK (the colors of print), so that motion graphics and banners online are just as vibrant as the posters, T-shirts and flags. The design contributes to the festive character of the event and is in line with the essence of the visual identity.