online and on site


The Amsterdam-based record label slash DJ collective Dekmantel organizes festivals in Amsterdam, São Paulo and Croatia. The driving force behind Dekmantel is a small team with a significant international reach. Considering the global nature of the organization, its website is a key platform for communicating with its community. Its online presence is its strength, and that was our starting point for the development of its visual identity.

inspiration  Dekmantel began as a record label that released vinyl and organized parties in Amsterdam. The parties soon gained a loyal following thanks to Dekmantel’s focus on niche electronic music. Driven by passion, enthusiasm and a love of the profession: this is what thonik and Dekmantel have in common.

how it got done  Dekmantel approached thonik in 2015 to professionalize their identity and online campaigns. The organization came to the conclusion that after years of pioneering, they had grown up. This growth should be legible in its way of visual communication. Its website is the focus and forms the basis of the visual identity. Not only is the website a place to sell tickets, it’s also where the Dekmantel community should recognize that distinctive festival feel. We developed a lively and fresh color palette full of contrast. The Dekmantel font, originally designed by Orpheu de Jong, was revamped by typographer Paul van der Laan. Additionally, throughout all media, we accentuated the squares from the original logo.
We also worked on the onsite branding for the different locations around the IJ and the Amsterdamse Bos where the Dekmantel festival was located.

client profile  “When searching for new music, we often find treasures in places we’d never heard of before. We connect with and listen to artists that are completely new to us. We’ve learned that when you’re open to see what really exists on the other side, one is often rewarded with utter beauty. Unexpected turns can lead to sheer excitement.” – Dekmantel