H for hyundai

hyundai department store, seoul

We designed an open H and we used a color scheme that reflects both the heritage and the present day spectacle of Seoul’s Dongdaemun area. The colors and typography are the basis of a graphic language that connects all communication. On the facade a repetition of H’s form a ladder to the sky, fittingly attached to the glass box of the elevator.

inspiration  The Hyundai Department Store was recently rebranded by Base, New York and studio fnt from Seoul. It introduced a double H as the main graphic image. Two new branches made it possible to make a family of ‘H’ identities.

how it got done  Located at the old city centre, the Dongdaemun area, Hyundai City Outlets is the younger, more affordable branch. The Dongdaemun Gate is a beautiful example of traditional architecture which clashes with the loudness of all the department stores. Yet we saw a resemblance there. At the gate the vibrant shades of color in the motifs glow in the dark under the dark green roof. The neon lights of the stores behave in a similar way.

After the City Outlets immediate success we were asked to develop the visual identity for Hyundai Premium Outlets. Their latest branch is in Songdo, a newly built suburb close to Seoul. The Premium Outlet is housed in a new building, stretched out as one might expect in suburbs. It is in many ways the opposite of the City Outlet downtown, its pace more relaxed and leisurely. On the graphic H we applied horizontal lines to reflect the architecture. We covered the glass in the facade with words set in a matching typeface. The words evoke a feeling of recreation, like ‘sun’, ‘dream’, ‘float’, ‘ocean’ and ‘smile’.

client profile  Hyundai Department Store is one of the three major department store chains in South Korea. It has 14 locations and more than $340 million in annual sales.


We surpassed our sales expectations with 66% growth on the opening day of the city outlet. – Soyoung Song of Hyundai City Outlet