over one billion logos


Our new logo consists of the letters V P R O, like the old logo, but in a newly developed font. The o’s symbolize eyes watching television – and the radiating triangles are a direct reference to broadcasting.

inspiration  The Dutch broadcasting channel VPRO has been independent and autonomous from its very beginning. Over the last 30 years it has developed an in-depth journalistic programming, coupled with a worldly outlook and an anarchistic sense of humor. With the redesign we were challenged to design a logo that would still reference VPRO’s heritage, while in its “simplicity”, it’d also be very colorful. Representing the span of programming, but also strongly distinguishing itself from the other 17 broadcasting agencies on national television.

how it got done  The logo has been designed for flexible use, with over a billion separate forms varying through color differences, gradients, patterns and radiation. The animation of all these possibilities forms the on-screen identity. Together with the identity, we created targeted campaigns to develop the VPRO as the strong, well-known and respected broadcasting channel that they are.

client profile  The VPRO (originally an acronym for Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep, or “Liberal Protestant Radio Broadcasting Corporation”) was established in the Netherlands in 1926 as a religious broadcasting organisation. Falling under the Protestant pillar, it represented the Liberal Protestant current. However, in the 1950s and 1960s it became more (social) liberal than Protestant, and while the acronym VPRO was kept, its meaning was dropped. It was the first to show a nude woman on Dutch television in 1967. The VPRO is known for producing and broadcasting quality (and sometimes avant-garde) programs, documentaries and films, the target audience of the VPRO could be considered as mostly highly educated and creative people.


Off the beaten track, often against the current, we explore boundaries. Curious about life elsewhere. Curious about the future. Fascinated by the extraordinary. – statement VPRO