chemicals are not for pussies


When the two founders of Yoni – Mariah and Wendelien – approached us, their aim was very clear. They wanted to develop a chemical-free tampon as a statement of awareness and care. As the two women put it: “Every woman has a right to know what she is putting between her legs”. 

inspiration  One of our first steps while researching a strong and fitting name for the brand was to google ‘vagina’. The results were two-fold: on one hand, sexual images and websites appeared, and on the other hand you find images and links to new age sites. We realized that the word vagina contains both something very explicit and yet respectful in its meaning. Through our research, we found the word Yoni; the Hindi word for vagina or womb. The word not only described the very subject, it also contained the letter Y, an elemental symbol of female fertility.

how it got done  We succeeded to claim the URL, which, in two words explains the story. In our marketing campaign, we did not focus too much on the political statement but rather on developing A-line packaging beyond the quality of what competitors offer. By doing so we also justified the pricing of the product, which is derived from idealistic motives but also from a quality perspective. We succeeded in creating packaging that communicated quality and A-line branding within the limits of mass production. 

Together with Mariah and Wendelien from Yoni, and Marielle Horst-Gussenhoven from GUSS, we developed several launch campaigns which featured quotes like, “What’s in the box, is on the box,” or “Chemicals are not for pussies.” The content of the boxes did not need more explanation than this. Initially stocked in high-end organic supermarkets like Marqt, Yoni is now sold in regular pharmacy shops such as Etos and Albert Heijn.

client profile  Many tampons and sanitary pads are made from synthetic materials, containing plastics and perfume. But there are also no specific rules or legal requirements when it concerns listing ingredients on feminine care packaging. Strange, considering that the vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body. That’s why Mariah and Wendelien decided to set up Yoni in 2014.